Private Coaching

We're here to design iconic brands and create super fans. That’s it.

This approach fosters meaningful partnerships with like-minded clients and consistently delivers authentic experiences that people love.

Find Yourself A Mentor

Find Yourself A MentorA personal coach is one of the most valuable investments that you can make. As part of our mission to teach one billion people, we’re making ourselves available to personally help you overcome the obstacles standing between you and your goal.
Wait what?

Why Do You Need a Coach?

If you feel stuck, stagnant or aren’t getting the results you want, then hear us out. When you work with a coach, you are giving yourself the gift of objectivity. You are reserving time with yourself to work through problems that otherwise would prevent you from achieving your goals. Each of our coaches has worked with a mentor to grow on a professional level. You don’t have to go at it alone. Learn from our mistakes and experiences.

Romain Baron

Romain is an hospitality tech director, designer, strategist and marketer. Before Bond, he has worked and help grow startup such as handy and as marketing director. If you need marketing executive consulting, Romain is your best bet.

Eva Fayemi

Eva has combined her skills and experience in PR, account management and Partnerships into an effective mix. Tap into this mix of experience and expertise to assist you in setting up a strategic approach to Partnerships and Marketing. Her strong relationship skills and her background in PR helps you to get the most out of your partners.

Ruben Westmeijer

Ruben has been working in Partnerships for over 10 years and has extensive experience in approaching partnerships in a strategic way for multiple tech companies. To secure long term success in working with partners, Ruben always finds the common value, where there is a win for each partner. Let him help you define the right strategy and advise you on how to find the right partners for you.

What you can expect

Session Preparation
Each coach will have a different preparation method. But, usually, we will ask you to fill out a questionnaire and collect your business financial records before the call. Then you'll be able to schedule the call when convenient.
Jump On The Call
Typically, your private session will be conducted over the internet (unless you live near us). You'll have a chance to give context, ask questions, and get answers.
Post-Session Work
Once the live coaching session is done, your work begins. We will send you a typed summary of the call, along with our recommendations and homework. The summary will come packaged with the call recording, so you can review whenever you need it.