Bond introduced a detailed approach on how the Partnership project would evolve. Step by step we knew what was expected and what input and decisions we had to take. We found Bond has a very effective workflow, with short lines of communications and always swift response from their side. We used their knowledge on partnership programs, they know what would work and what not. The program was introduced in the agreed timeframe and the first partners are being onboarded as we speak.

Mark Struik

"BOND is the ideal partner for setting up a partnership programme. Through their years of experience within SaaS organisations, they know better than anyone what is important when setting up an attractive and engaging partnership structure. In an informal and creative setting, they come up with the strongest ideas together with you. Ruben and Eva take work off your hands where possible, advise where needed and are very pleasant sparring partners. BOND is an added value for every SaaS organisation that wants to take its partner programme to the next level."

Tymen Van Dyl

"Bond advised us on how to increase our network of partners. In a short amount of time they delivered a clear strategy to implement a partnership program to find new technology partners. With their experience, Eva & Ruben were able to give me the knowledge and the tools to onboard new partners efficiently. I am very happy with their service and would recommend them for sure!"

Tzafrir Blonder

Founder & CEO
"Bond brought us a great dose of inspiration when setting up our partnerships structure.Their easy steps to implement administrative and business-generating processes are a great guide for anyone getting started. We love their goal-oriented, helpful and professional approach to business & client relations. This energy then translates into your work with partners, too."

Marvin Speh

"Creating a partnership network is easy, creating an effective partnership network that doubles your inbound funnel with a 40% conversion, now that’s a partnership network worth having. Within the first year after launching the Mews Partnership Program, the lead generation itself outweighed the investment. Eva & Ruben (previously employed at Mews) increased our partner network (tech and non tech) by 55%.The conversion comparison between inbound partnerships vs. general inbound were almost 2 to 1. Being strategic and executing that strategy is where most people get lost amongst the weeds, so having the right guidance and skill set is paramount! And now you have Bond for that."

Gregory Naidoo

Chief Commercial Officer
"Working together with Bond Agency is very valuable for myself and the entire team at Briq Bookings. A partner first approach is new for the leisure industry, which makes it challenging to build a (integration) partner network. Bonds’ experience with partnerships in other industries is giving Briq a head start. The approach to partners, ideas to make it work and cooperation with technical teams makes it a successful cooperation."

Michiel de Vor

Commercial Director