Powerful partnerships examples for inspiration and references.
Romain Baron
March 21, 2023

I’ve pulled some of my favourite partnerships examples from the B2B tech world.

Use this to build your dream partnership program! 🦄: Partnerships Examples

When it comes to partnerships, most of the tech brands I have checked have:

  • a tech partnerships page with API stuff or some sort.
  • a “reseller” partnerships program with a commission opportunity
  • an integration marketplace with search and filter functions

They are all actually pretty standard, not really new but they have proven ROI when done well.

However, some new exciting partnerships categories are coming up among B2B tech brands worth talking about:

1/ Expert Directory

Just simple directories of consultants or agencies that are experts in your product. Such directories can be truly amazing for your growth. In my opinion, these directories usually serve 3 purposes:

  • Your team can use experts to upsell service packages (Onboarding, setup, cleaning, migration, audit…)
  • It can help your team brands reduce onboarding, sales and account management cost by outsource to people who knows your products
  • It helps show potential "resellers" that you can help them find work by promoting their consulting business profile on a directory and benefits for your website traffic

2/ Slack User + Partner community

This is so popular now! Your product lovers love it! Make sense, marketers have been shouting so much about their brand on social and newsletter that social networks like LinkedIn or Facebook are completely loosing their communication opportunities with user and partner. With platforms like Slack or Discord, marketers and tech team can finally chat again with users and partners. Here's some Slack channel have been using a lot.

  • Firebase (32K)
  • Memo (11K)
  • Relume (3K)
  • Clay (4K)
  • Memberstack (10K)

3/ Templates

It has been very popular among website builders and email providers for a while now but it's gaining popularity among other tech tool with some automation and workflow template, scripts template, UI components, notion templates than you can buy in just few click to for your own business or to impress your client.

4/ #Made using: 

Same as template, except that it's a free library of components. Letting users copy the work of other users so they execute tasks faster when using your software (and avoid contacting you for support). It also benefits agency and consultant to promote their work and expertise. Watch the Relume success story...

5/ Mini apps

Not your traditional product integration at all. Thing of it as a very light integration app build by a very small team of 1 or 2 people, and specially just made for your software (E.g Jetboost, Monto for Webflow or Roundtrip for Shopify). Don’t look down on them, some of them easily make $25M ARR…

With all these new changes, partnership and marketing have been starting to work really closely and even sometimes merging teams together

I have also noticed a new bread of partnership softwares.

So, you are probably familiar to affiliate marketing softwares like Impact or Tapfilliate, or maybe your software for rewards like Rewardful or tolt but more

Finally, I had to give some kudos to Webflow & Notion for mastering partnerships on all levels!

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PARTNERSHIPS EXAMPLES 🖤: Partnerships examples

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