If you hire me as a sales manager for your tech brand, I would

If you hire me as a sales manager for your tech brand, I would

12 things, I believe, that modern tech brands and sales managers should have and expect to be good at their jobs.
Romain Baron
March 1, 2023

If you hire me as a sales manager for your tech brand, I would expect the following:

1/ Virtual Assistant

I would like at least 3 virtual assistants that will send 100 Linkedin connects and notes per week, 52 weeks per year (100 is the weekly limit, even on premium). This will help me be consistent and never stop hustling because of a change of mood, feeling lazy or being sick.

2/ Community

I would build 3 niche industry communities

  • Whatsapp: A small private group of 10-20 business owners, known in my target market that I will invite some dinners, introduce them to people they want to meet and for them to back me up on some deal I try to close.
  • Facebook: 1000 end-user interested to be together and make fun of the industry, sharing their work and posting questions if they need (Zapier FB style)
  • Slack: 400 industry experts constituted of consultants, decision-makers and agencies of the industry.‍

3/ Email sequences

I would have at least 5 email sequences running on my CRM per type of new contact added. It would look like this: Browser.ai > Skrapp.io > Clay.run > CRM Lists > Email Sequences.

4/ Dinner

I would organise 2 or 3 dinners per month with my decision-makers paid for by the company. If I am in London, it would be Sexy Fish then Home House or Annabels. But it depends on the type of people I need to meet to close deals. 

5/ Commission

I would ask for 45% ARR for 5 years of each deal. I think of myself as a McDonald’s franchise and pay you a fee. No base salary because management will start to want to bother me by tracking my calls and my emails. If I was part of an SDR team, I would be different.

6/ A director

That’s personal but I don’t want a director. Period. A person listening to my calls, checking if I sent enough emails this week and stressing me at the end of the week. Please, I rather prefer to open an Onlyfan account and share nudes than have a boss like that. However, I would expect someone in the management expert in automation, that is a fun product trainer, a buddy to go out with, a copywriter mentor and someone sharing some super useful tips. I don’t care if he/she is inspirational, I want just need him to be useful, I don’t need to therapist either.

7/ Internal Meeting

I would show up to a maximum of 3 internal meetings a month. If we are more than 10 on the call, it’s a monologue, so just send me a Loom video and I will watch it whenever I can.

8/ Job Title

I would never put “Sales Manager”, or “Business Dev…” as a job title on LinkedIn. No one responds to them. I also cannot believe anyone would want to put such job titles on their LinkedIn profile. It’s actually quite depressing if I am being totally honest. Do you ever reply to someone with people with these job titles anyway? I would properly add something like Partner or Executive Director…Something that will boost my confidence and make decision-makers I am worth talking to. Oh, and I deeply apologized if this mess up with your internal career development plan for your employees ;)

9/ Content Creator

I would become a content creator. I would probably get inspiration from these guys:

I would also have my own newsletter on Substack. This would base salary actually with paid content.

10/ Affiliate

I would ask the company to give me my own  custom affiliate URL with a 360 days valid tracker. So I get the credits for all these cold emails I sent if they visit and book a demo without going through me. That way, I don’t have them tagged as “inbound”!

11/ The marketing team

I would the marketing team to focus on awareness like Klarna and Thursday. Oh and I would expect you to fire your marketing team if you have had an average of 30 likes per post for the past 6 months

12/ The CEO & Founder

I would expect the Founder or CEO to be a great content creator on social and be on every stage around the world not at the office.


Thanks for reading! Would you hire me? Lol!