Bond News: Bond Partnerships becomes Bond Agency

Bond News: Bond Partnerships becomes Bond Agency

Since the creation of Bond Partnerships in 2020, we were able to diversify our offers and streamline our vision. We are now elevating to a Growth...
Eva Fayemi

Since the launch of Bond Partnerships in the spring of 2020, Eva and Ruben always realised that their network was their strongest asset to success. They both built an extensive and personal network, and understood quite well that personal relationships were going to be an important driver behind any beginners' success. Wanting to nurture this, the idea of an identity that placed a lot of emphasis on their personalities was born. This way, people would feel comfortable working with us. 

This strategy worked well, the last 1,5 years we had the pleasure of working for many different clients. The identity was a good fit, we received a lot of business through existing contacts and referrals. But over time, people from outside our network also found Bond, which led to more complex projects, demanding other kinds of services.

However, we felt we didn't really reflect this growth in our company. We were offering more services and achieving even better results, but was this visible from the outside? Did our identity instil confidence into new clients, showing we can handle their project? 

We came to the conclusion that it was time for a shift. The identity of Bond was built too much around Eva & Ruben and not enough around the qualities and results of our company. Our services have evolved from merely consulting on Partnerships, to a full-blown agency, including strategy, execution and monitoring. In addition, we also launched Bond Connect, where professionals can join a curated community and get in touch with potential partners via our online platform. What we are doing with Bond and Bond Connect is unique, and that should be at the centre of our communication.

We need it to be clear that it is the personal bond we have with our clients, partners and network enables us to spot the best opportunities. It’s our understanding of people that leads to a deep understanding of business needs. We are the ones creating a personal bond, from person to person, when we engage in new partnerships on behalf of our clients, and achieve the results our clients are looking for. 

That’s why we started to work on a new identity. To establish a strong brand and ensure the foundation for growth in the coming years. We moved away from the personal approach, and replaced it with a professional agency identity, making Bond the first Partnership Agency on the market.

With our new identity, we feel confident that we install trust in new and existing clients. As an agency we deliver the services tech-companies need to succeed. Besides, we express our emphasis on having a personal bond with your partners, clients and end-users. Because we strongly believe that tech is about people. 

As of today we are Bond Agency, and it’s our mission to bond Tech with People. 

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