For 42 years, WTM has been the most powerful and influential 3 days it is possible to have in the travel industry. The place where ministers meet business to fix plans. Where travel and tourism teams from around the globe meet to build relationships. And where the world's best come to discover and do business. Here at WTM, we say travel isn’t just a job. It’s a mindset. Because as the world continues to change, we continue to adapt. To get stronger, steadier, more agile. Creating new friendships, using new tech and designing new experiences, for new ways of living. And if we truly understand its potential, and we truly use our influence, we can do so much more. Because we say travel has the power to expand opportunity, strengthen economies widen employment and create new futures. Travel has the power to change the world. And you have the power to change travel.

Start Date

November 6, 2023

End Date

November 8, 2023



United Kingdom


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