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OTA Sync

Upleveling the sales team and CRM process for success

Upleveling the sales team and CRM process for success
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OTA Sync's mission is to become World's leading hospitality tech innovator by helping hotels and short-term rentals to improve their business performance.

Services provided

  • Hubspot setup and implementation (Property fields, deal stages, internal workflow, intercom integration, sales sequences...etc)
  • Sales, marketing and inbound performance dashboards
  • Implementation of weekly performance and sales discussions to improve conversion
  • Sales enablement training (Loom CRM & Sales Training library)
  • Marketing activity plan to increase awareness and inbound leads


After implementation Hubspot CRM, Sales and marketing personalised to their ICPs and implementation weekly sales enablement training, they were able to increase their outreach and better track the sales pipelines and decrease their sales cycle. They also defined an onboarding playbook for their team, integrated into Hubspot.