Partner Activation

Go from 0 to 1 referral with newly onboarded partners.

Enhance your partner experience with Bond Agency’s dedicated partner squad. Our team will provide memorable treatment through tailored resources, rewarding incentives, comprehensive reporting, and more. We ensure a seamless process, helping your partners send their first referral quickly and efficiently.











❤️ from past customers

"Bond introduced a detailed approach on how the Partnership project would evolve. Step-by-step we knew what was expected and what input and decisions we had to take. We found Bond has a very effective workflow, with short lines of communications and always swift response from their side. We used their knowledge on partnership programs, they know what would work and what not."

Mark Struik

CEO, PleaseAskM

"Bond brought us a great dose of inspiration when setting up our partnerships structure.Their easy steps to implement administrative and business-generating processes are a great guide for anyone getting started. We love their goal-oriented, helpful and professional approach to business & client relations. This energy then translates into your work with partners, too."

Marvin Speh

Co-founder, RoomPriceGenie

"Bond is the ideal partner for setting up a partnership programme. Through their years of experience within SaaS organisations, they know better than anyone what is important when setting up an attractive and engaging partnership structure. In an informal and creative setting, they come up with the strongest ideas together with you. Bond is an added value for every SaaS organisation that wants to take its partner programme to the next level."

Tymen Van Dyl

Founder, RoomRaccon

"Creating a partnership network is easy, creating an effective partnership network that doubles your inbound funnel with a 40% conversion, now that’s a partnership network worth having. Within the first year after launching the Mews Partnership Program, the lead generation itself outweighed the investment. Bond increased our partner network (tech and non tech) by 55%. The conversion comparison between inbound partnerships vs. general inbound were almost 2 to 1."

Greg Naidoo

CCO, Mews

"Bond advised us on how to increase our network of partners. In a short amount of time they delivered a clear strategy to implement a partnership program to find new technology partners. With their experience, Eva & Ruben were able to give me the knowledge and the tools to onboard new partners efficiently. I am very happy with their service and would recommend them for sure!"

Tzafrir Blonder

CEO, Upstay

"Working together with Bond Agency is very valuable for myself and the entire team at Briq Bookings. A partner first approach is new for the leisure industry, which makes it challenging to build a (integration) partner network. Bonds’ experience with partnerships in other industries is giving Briq a head start. The approach to partners, ideas to make it work and cooperation with technical teams makes it a successful cooperation."

Michiel de Vor

CCO, Briq

What we do

Partner Strategy and Audit

We specialize in auditing your current partnership strategies and metrics.

Our goal is to help you identify hidden weaknesses and opportunities.

This way, you can approach your network with a higher success rate and optimize your partner-sourced revenue.

Partner Program Design

A great product and a sweet commission are just the beginning when it comes to attracting top partners.

Our team excels in building all sorts of partnership programs designed to truly engage your future partners. We offer a comprehensive range of benefits that partners want, tailored to create bespoke programs just for you.

Partner Sourcing

We're here to help you connect with thousands of B2B-ready partners.

We do the legwork of finding and bringing them in. Unlike many companies that struggle with pitching and getting rejected, our unique approach allows us to convert prospects 80% of the time.

We interview and qualify partners to ensure their customers are a good fit for you. We can introduce them to you or even manage the partner application process on your behalf.

Partner Activation

So, you've got partners now, whether through us or from your existing database. That's fantastic!

But are they actually sending referrals? If the answer is no, that's where our activation services come in. We ensure that your partners start sending referrals quickly. The faster they send leads within their first 30 days, the more likely they are to become high-quality partners.

We have developed a unique and efficient methodology to activate partners like never before.

Partner Engagement

Partner engagement is all about actively involving and interacting with your strategic partners within your larger partner ecosystem.

It's about creating an ongoing dialogue and building relationships that support mutual success. Our engagement activities include regular check-ins, training sessions, and joint marketing initiatives, where we excel.

Partner Platform Setup

What’s the point of building partnerships if you can’t properly track and showcase your amazing work?

We're experts in various PRM, CRM, Affiliate and other tools to help you monitor everything happening in your partner ecosystem.


What do I actually get at the end of the process?

* More partners
* More partner-sourced revenue
* More win rate
* More referrals
* More partner engagement

How long does the process take?

To see the first results, it usually takes 3-4 months. We’re not a paid Ad agency or an extension of your SDR team. We bring results for the years to come not just a spike of revenue. However, this timeline is highly dependent on the partner type, benefit, engagement with partners. 

Will your process improve our partner-sourced revenue ?

That’s exactly what you hire us for.

How can I make sure it’s a good investment?

We deliver what others can only promise. By marrying our data-driven strategies with a relentless pursuit of KPIs, we’re laser-focused on improving ROI and hitting partnerships targets not once, not twice, but continuously and exponentially all throughout our partnership. It’s simple: trust the experts, let us do what we do best, and the results will speak for themselves.

What makes Bond different from other agencies?

We know that one size never fits all. That’s why our partnerships and Nearbound solutions and squads are always tailor-made for your specific needs, goals, and areas of focus. No siloes, just real and measurable impact, minus the fluff.

What industries do you specialise in?

We work with fast-growing startups and scaleups in the B2B SaaS. Our years of experience and industry-leading partnerships ensure that we have both the expertise and the tools to help you become the leader in your respective industry.

What is a partnership growth agency?

A partnership growth agency is comprised of a team of go-to partnerships experts that seamlessly integrate into your core team, dedicated to maximizing your ROI through partners, reaching your goals and turning partner referral intent into tangible results. Think of us as your plug-in partnerships squad, tailor-made specifically to help you achieve scalable and measurable success.

Our team

Eva Fayemi
CEO & Co-founder
Ruben Westmeijer
Romain Baron
Fanny Kaminski
Head of Ops

Why Bond?


increase in rev.


increase in win rate.


partner-sourced rev.