Bond implements and launches an integration partner program and integration directory for SIHOT in a 13 weeks project.

Tech Partnership Program

SIHOT wanted to revamp their Integration Partner Program to remove the boundaries tech creators may have found when developing direct interfaces.


SIHOT is a leading international provider in hotel management software and used in around 3,500+ top hotels worldwide.


Bond helped SIHOT to launch a new partner integration program to provide wider access to its hotel management system. 

We built a streamlined integration workflow that augments the performance of applications within the SIHOT platform in order to enable technology providers to connect better and quicker to provide a seamless user experience.  

We delivered:

1- A connectivity program to self-build an interface using the new SIHOT@360° API documentation, gaining complimentary access to SIHOT’s test environment

2- A Full Integration program, designed for deeper integrations

3- SIHOT’s new application resource - SIHOT Integration Finder - enabling its 3,500 global hospitality customers to source partners to evolve their tech stacks

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