Bond launched and restructured partnerships at RoomPriceGenie.

Partnership Strategy

RoomPriceGenie asked Bond to propose and implement different type of partner programs that would support their overall company goals. At the end of the project, Bond implemented 3 different programs and launched a Partner Landing Page where new partners can apply directly online for the program they like. The service used for this project is Partner Strategy.


RoomPriceGenie is an innovative Revenue Management System (RMS), supporting small individual properties with cutting edge technology. The sophisticated algorithm and high level of automation enables their clients to compete with even the biggest chains and increase their revenues.


After a deep-dive into the company objectives and requirements, Bond wrote a proposal for 3 different programs: a Reseller, Agency and Affiliate Program. Once we had a go on the details of each program, we started the implementation. We implemented the Partner Journey, set up the supportive structure in the internal systems and delivered a template for a landing page. RoomPriceGenie took our work as the foundation of their current Partnership Strategy and have developed this further with the help of an internal Partner Manager.

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