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We run 2 newsletters. TonyOrder and HotelNetworkCommunity. The first one is for food and beverage professionals and the second more focus on hotel, hotels, and vacation rentals.
* these newsletters are only for people working in hotel, bar, or restaurant.

Why become a sponsor

Our number one objective is to create a unique, engaging, memorable and value packed experience for every person in attendance. Bond has over 1,000 subscribers in hospitality & tech industry. All that is to say, we have an engaged and passionate fan base all over the world who are eager to show up at our events. To get started, tell us more about the attendees, what their pain points and challenges are, and we can brainstorm on how best to deliver an unforgettable experience that will leave attendees wanting more.


Travel (Non-stop, business class flight)
Hotel (Min. 4 star)
Speaking fees (Starting at £8k GBP)
How we help
We will help promote your event across our social channels
We will be available before and during the event
We will provide our own laptop, HDMI connector and remote
Speaking Engagement

Local Events & Workshops

We’ll bring Bond to your town, anywhere in the world. Just help us get people there!


Provide a venue
Ticket sales commission
Projector or very large monitor
Speakers or PA system
Whiteboard, note pads and pencils or pens
How we help
Market event in our community