European Hospitality B2B e-commerce platform Wisk-it.com, Launches with a Waitlist of 50,000 Customers

European Hospitality B2B e-commerce platform Wisk-it.com, Launches with a Waitlist of 50,000 Customers
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Witnessing a staggering 25% increase in spending on hardware and software in the last 2 years, it’s fair to say Hospitality and Retail businesses have unleashed a technological renaissance. However, buying hardware through traditional channels is still a cumbersome process, slowing down further growth and blocking innovation in the industry. But that is about to change! 

Leading the charge is Wisk-it.com, a modern webshop offering all hardware and software needs for any hospitality and retail shop. Understanding the pain and frustration, the Wisk it platform gathers all compatible hardware with all leading software and offers an online ordering process that feels like a breeze. All while guaranteeing fair prices, super fast delivery, and the highest quality standards through partnerships with leading manufacturers like Epson, Star, SumUp and Elo. 

In a resounding validation of the technology-driven trend sweeping the hospitality and retail sectors, Wisk-it.com has proudly announced its groundbreaking launch with a staggering waitlist of thousands of eager customers. This remarkable response highlights the increasing demand for advanced technology solutions that propel businesses to new heights of efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Recent reports from leading European market research firms have exposed a rapid shift towards investing in technology by SMB owners in Hospitality and Retail, resulting in an impressive 25% increase in hardware and software investments over the last two years. Furthermore, 8 out of 10 businesses surveyed by Wisk-it expressed a strong intention to invest more in technology solutions in the coming years, particularly in hardware to streamline their operations.

Wisk-it.com's user-centric approach has earned it a legion of loyal customers from various sectors, including hotels, restaurants, airports, bars, and shops with storefronts. By catering specifically to the unique needs of these businesses, the platform has become a game-changer in hardware acquisition.

Incredible Product Quality

Wisk-it.com curates a selection of hardware products only from top-tier manufacturers, ensuring that customers receive products of exceptional quality. Rigorous quality checks and certifications guarantee that businesses get reliable and durable solutions, reducing the risk of downtime and equipment failures.

Fast Shipping

Time is of the essence in the fast-paced hospitality and retail sectors. Wisk-it.com understands this urgency and has established strategic partnerships with premium shipping providers across Europe. As a result, customers can expect their orders to arrive promptly, ensuring minimal disruptions to their operations.

Ensuring Compatibility

One of the most significant challenges for businesses is ensuring that the hardware and software they invest in work seamlessly together. Wisk-it.com has expertly addressed this pain point by providing detailed compatibility information for each product on its platform. This feature enables businesses to make informed decisions and avoid costly mismatches.

Opportunity for Software Companies

Beyond being a haven for hardware enthusiasts, Wisk-it.com also presents an exceptional opportunity for software companies to showcase their offerings to a massive customer base.

"We recognized that hardware is only part of the equation for our customers," said Romain Baron, Co-founder and CEO. "To truly empower businesses, we sought to bridge the gap between hardware and software by providing a holistic platform where both can thrive."

Unlocking Software Potential

By dedicating a quarter of its focus to promoting software, Wisk-it.com offers software companies a prominent platform to exhibit their solutions directly to their target audience. With thousands of businesses actively seeking innovative software to enhance their operations, Wisk-it.com has become an invaluable gateway for software developers to showcase their offerings.

Seamless Integration Opportunities

Wisk-it.com facilitates seamless integration of software solutions with the hardware products featured on its platform. This harmonious fusion provides businesses with a comprehensive and unified ecosystem, driving efficiency, productivity, and growth.

Global Reach

Wisk-it.com's expansive customer base reaches Europe, with businesses from United Kingdom to the South of the Europe expressing interest in the platform. This global presence opens doors for software companies to expand their reach and make meaningful connections on an international scale.

The Future of Hospitality and Retail Technology

As Wisk-it.com continues its meteoric rise, the hospitality and retail industries are poised for an exciting technological revolution. The platform's commitment to exceptional product quality, swift shipping, and ensuring hardware-software compatibility has resonated deeply with businesses in need of innovative solutions.

With a rapidly growing customer base and an unparalleled opportunity for software developers to showcase their products, Wisk-it.com has become the epicenter of the hospitality and retail technology trend in Europe.

About Wisk-it.com

Wisk-it.com is a European B2B e-commerce platform dedicated to transforming the way businesses in the hospitality and retail sectors acquire hardware and software solutions. With an unwavering commitment to quality, efficiency, and customer satisfaction, Wisk-it.com has quickly emerged as a leading force in the technology-driven evolution of these industries.

About Team

Wisk-it was built by the successful founders of Bond Agency: Romain Baron, Ruben Westmeijer, and Eva Fayemi, who specialize in partnerships and marketing for hospitality technology startups. Bond Agency is also the largest Slack community of hospitality consultants, agencies, and tech founders (Bond-agency.io), is the brainchild of these visionary entrepreneurs.

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