Strategic guidance to identify and engage with the right partners for Upstay

Client Background: Upstay is a dynamic player in the hospitality industry, offering innovative solutions for hotels to increase revenue and enhance guest experiences. Their platform focuses on upselling room upgrades and additional amenities, allowing hotels to maximize their profitability.

Challenge: Upstay recognized the potential for strategic partnerships to amplify its impact and reach in the industry. To harness this potential, the company partnered with Bond to develop a comprehensive partnership strategy. The primary challenges included:

  1. Strategic Planning: Upstay sought strategic guidance on how to identify and engage the right partners, align their goals, and create a roadmap for successful partnerships.

Solution: Upstay collaborated with Bond to develop a first level partnership outlook.

Bond provided strategic planning support to Upstay, assisting in identifying ideal partners, setting clear partnership objectives, and creating a roadmap for building mutually beneficial relationships. This involved defining key performance indicators (KPIs) and success metrics to measure the impact of partnerships.