Optimisation and launch new integration partner program to facilitate and simplify partner connectivity requests
Type of work

The Story

SIHOT is a software company that has developed the following software solutions for hotels: 

  • Property Management System (PMS)
  • Point of Sale (POS)
  • Booking Engine (WEB)
  • Event Management Software (C&B)

SIHOT has been on the market for over 20 years and has clients globally, with the main markets being Spain, DACH and UK. Over the years, there has been an organic growth of clients and partners. Due to the need for integrations, SIHOT has picked up a lot of technical partnerships along the way. 

However, until now, there has not been a standardized way of dealing with these partners or to try to gain more commercial value out of them. Besides technical partners, there are commercial partners, but most of these are managed on a personal level and are local. 

In order to improve brand awareness and lead generation of the company, SIHOT is now looking into the possibility of structuring the Partnerships and making them an integral part of the overall marketing strategy, so that SIHOT can get more out of these partnerships in terms of growth. 

The Solution

Bond refreshed SIHOT’s Integration Partnership Strategy to introduce a more optimized Partnership Program for third party partners. 

Bond launched a full integration program designed for deeper 3rd party integrations and a new connectivity program for self-sufficient apps using the new SIHOT @360 API documentation gaining complimentary access to SIHOT's test environment.

Bond also advised SIHOT to build a Directory of tech partners. SIHOT integration Finder can be found online ( and is a new resource base to enable customers to source partners for hotels to evolve their tech stack.