Revolutionising Hotel Tech Integration with SIHOT

Client Background: SIHOT is a seasoned software company with over two decades of experience, specialising in providing innovative software solutions for hotels across the globe. Their comprehensive suite of offerings includes a Property Management System (PMS), Point of Sale (POS), Booking Engine (WEB), and Event Management Software (C&B). SIHOT has established a strong presence in key markets, including Spain, DACH (Germany, Austria, Switzerland), and the UK. Over the years, SIHOT has organically grown its client base and fostered numerous technical partnerships.

Challenge: Despite its success, SIHOT recognised that its partnerships, both technical and commercial, lacked a standardized approach. There was untapped potential in these partnerships, with limited commercial value being realized. The absence of a structured partnership strategy hindered SIHOT's ability to enhance brand awareness and generate leads effectively. The company sought a solution to reinvigorate its partnership approach and integrate it into its overall marketing strategy.

Solution: SIHOT partnered with Bond, a leading consultancy specializing in optimizing partnership programs. Together, they embarked on a journey to transform SIHOT's integration partnerships strategy. The key components of the solution included:

  1. Optimized Partnership Program: Bond introduced a revamped Partnership Program designed to establish deeper and more meaningful relationships with third-party partners. This program aimed to foster stronger technical integrations and collaborations.
  2. Connectivity Program: SIHOT, with Bond's guidance, launched a new connectivity program tailored for self-sufficient apps. They introduced the SIHOT @360 API documentation, granting partners complimentary access to SIHOT's test environment. This initiative aimed to encourage the development of innovative apps that seamlessly integrate with SIHOT's software suite.
  3. Tech Partner Directory: To enhance visibility and accessibility for both customers and partners, SIHOT created a comprehensive directory of tech partners. The SIHOT Integration Finder, accessible online at, serves as a valuable resource base. This directory enables customers to source partners to enhance their hotel tech stack efficiently.

Results:The collaboration between SIHOT and Bond yielded significant results and benefits:

  • Streamlined Partnerships: SIHOT's partnership strategy became more structured and efficient, allowing for more productive collaborations with both technical and commercial partners.
  • Enhanced Integration Capabilities: The revamped Partnership Program and the introduction of the SIHOT @360 API documentation facilitated deeper technical integrations and the creation of innovative, self-sufficient apps.
  • Improved Brand Awareness: By building a Tech Partner Directory, SIHOT enhanced its brand visibility and positioned itself as a hub for hotel technology solutions.
  • Lead Generation: The optimized partnership strategy and increased brand awareness contributed to a more robust lead generation process, driving growth for SIHOT.

Conclusion: SIHOT's journey to revamp its partnership approach in collaboration with Bond showcases the potential for tech companies to harness the power of partnerships to drive growth and innovation. By introducing structured partnership programs and a comprehensive partner directory, SIHOT successfully improved brand awareness, generated leads, and enhanced its reputation as a trusted provider of hotel technology solutions. This case study serves as a compelling example of how businesses can leverage strategic partnerships to achieve remarkable results in today's competitive tech landscape.