Referral Partner Program launch for PleaseAskM


Project date Sept - Oct 2022

Client Background:PleaseAskM is a pioneer in AI-driven solutions tailored for the MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions) sector. Their innovative AI assistant empowers hoteliers to automate group and meeting requests efficiently. This technology standardises request processing and quickly extracts relevant information, enabling sales agents to respond to inquiries within minutes.

Challenge:PleaseAskM recognised the significant potential of collaborating with hospitality experts who understand the challenges hoteliers face. These experts could help accelerate client acquisitions by quickly assessing the fit of PleaseAskM's software solutions. The primary challenges included:

  1. Referral Partner Program: PleaseAskM needed to establish an effective Referral Partner program to engage and leverage the expertise of hospitality experts.
  2. Partner Journey: Defining a structured partner journey and lead funnel for inquiries generated through partners.
  3. Partnership Landing Page: Developing a user-friendly "Become a Partner" landing page for partner sign-ups.
  4. Welcome Kit: Creating a comprehensive welcome kit to empower partners upon joining the program.

Solution:PleaseAskM collaborated with Bond to develop and implement a robust Referral Partner program. The solution encompassed various critical components:

  1. Referral Partner Program Development: Bond worked closely with PleaseAskM to define the exact needs and requirements for the Referral Partner program. This included establishing a structured partner journey, lead funnel, and KPIs for program performance.
  2. Partnership Landing Page: Bond designed and developed a user-friendly "Become a Partner" landing page that facilitated partner sign-ups and inquiries.
  3. Welcome Kit: A comprehensive welcome kit was created to empower partners with the resources and information they needed to excel in their role within the program.
  4. Flow and Document Automation: To reduce manual and repetitive tasks during partner onboarding, Bond leveraged PleaseAskM's existing tech stack to create and implement necessary flows, documents, and content resources.
  5. Legal Partnership Agreements: Bond provided legal partnership agreements to ensure clear terms and conditions for partner collaborations.

Results:The partnership between PleaseAskM and Bond led to remarkable results and achievements:

  • Referral Partner Program Launch: Within just six weeks of project initiation, the PleaseAskM Referral Partner program went live, enabling the company to engage with hospitality experts effectively.
  • Structured Partner Journey: A structured partner journey and lead funnel were established, ensuring efficient lead management and partner engagement.
  • User-Friendly Landing Page: The "Become a Partner" landing page streamlined partner sign-ups, making it easy for experts to express their interest.
  • Empowering Welcome Kit: The comprehensive welcome kit provided partners with valuable resources and information, empowering them to succeed within the program.
  • Efficient Flow and Document Automation: Automation reduced manual tasks during partner onboarding, saving time and enhancing efficiency.
  • Clear Legal Agreements: Legal partnership agreements ensured transparent terms and conditions for partner collaborations.

Conclusion:PleaseAskM's strategic partnership with Bond highlights the potential of collaboration with hospitality experts to drive growth and client acquisitions. By establishing a Referral Partner program, defining a structured partner journey, developing a user-friendly landing page, creating an empowering welcome kit, and automating key processes, PleaseAskM successfully engaged with experts and accelerated its partner program launch. This case study underscores the power of strategic partnerships in the MICE technology sector.