Partner Program Implementation for Hospitality SaaS Company.
Type of work


Project date Sept - Oct 2022

The Story

Pleaseaskm is an AI assistant for MICE, which enables hoteliers to finally automate their group and meeting requests. With the smart AI technology, Pleaseaskm standardizes the way requests come in and extract all the relevant information quickly, so that the sales agent can respond to requests in a matter of minutes. 

Pleaseaskm understands the role and value of hospitality experts and the relation they have with hoteliers. Reaching exactly these people is very impactful, as these experts understand the challenges the hoteliers are facing and can quickly determine whether the software of Pleaseaskm can help to solve them. Working with experts means they can shorten the time to sign new clients, while knowing their solution is a good fit for them. 

The Solution

To serve partners the right way, Pleaseaskm needed a Referral Partner program. After determining the exact needs and requirements in a kick off call, Bond defined the details in an extensive plan. We defined a Partner Journey, and a funnel for leads help coming from partners. We also understood that they needed a Partnership landing page for partners to sign up, a welcome kit and performance KPIs. 

The Results

Bond set to work and our service included the creation and implementation of all the necessary flows, documents and content resources, using Pleaseaskm’s  current tech stack, to reduce manual and repetitive tasks while signing up new partners. We also provided Legal Partnership Agreements, designed a “Become a Partner” page, and created a welcome kit for all partners to empower them after starting the Partnership. 

Within 6 weeks from the start, the Pleaseaskm Partnership Program went live.