Using the existing branding identity, we gave a fresh new look at HyperGuest website with new content structure including a smooth migration to Webflow.

Webflow migration, content and visual improvement
Type of work

The Bond team just finalised the release of the Hyperguest's website. It has been such a pleasure to work with Tal & Enzo during the entire project. We wanted to share with you our smooth process to migrate to webflow and give the content structure a fresh new look.

The branding identity was already existing and they wanted to keep to core element of the brand identity including the color palette.

We first started by putting together a moodboard of modern website. That way, we could select and agree on interesting sections for the new website.

We then started working on the sitemap. Agree all the pages that will need to be work on and the new one that will be created.

Once agreed, we started to work on Figma and put all the pages that will be work on and start putting the core layout and the first draft of the content.

Once all the content has been agreed, we started working on some potential illustrations for the headers

We then started to work on Webflow. We created all the pages with the agree structure from Figma. We also put together all the blog and integration directory content in the webflow CMS. We have added a jetboost plugin for the directory to have a real-time search bar and a dynamic filtering.

And then, some google analytics setup, Zoho CRM form integration and recatcha setup and we were good to go live! Smooth.

Thanks for reading!