Strategic Partnership GTM with Event Temple
Project Leader

Client Background:Event Temple is a leading provider of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Venue Management software tailored for hotels based in Canada. Their comprehensive CRM solution empowers hotels to streamline operations, and boost revenue through effective event and guest management.

Challenge:Event Temple recognized the significant growth opportunities in expanding its partner ecosystem to drive business development and customer acquisition. To address this, the company embarked on a mission to strengthen its partnership initiatives. The primary challenges were:

  1. Interim Partner Managers: Event Temple needed assistance in recruiting and onboarding Interim Partner Managers to lead and drive their partner programs effectively.
  2. Reseller Partner Expansion: The company aimed to determine, hire, and establish a network of Reseller Partners across EMEA, Canada, and the US.
  3. Channel Sales Development: Event Temple sought to develop channel sales relationships with other B2B technology providers to broaden its market reach.
  4. Partner Toolkit Management: The company needed to manage and provide partner-specific sales and marketing tools to ensure the success of its partners.
  5. Partner Marketing Plans: Event Temple aimed to develop comprehensive partner marketing plans and events to boost partner engagement and joint marketing efforts.

Solution:Event Temple collaborated with a strategic partner management consultancy to address these challenges and revamp its partner management strategy. The consultancy brought fresh perspectives to resolve these challenges, including:

  1. Interim Partner Managers: The consultancy introduced a structured recruitment process that emphasised not only industry expertise but also a cultural fit with Event Temple's values and goals. This resulted in a more aligned and effective partner management team.
  2. Reseller Partner Expansion: Event Temple and the consultancy reevaluated their Reseller Partner criteria to include partners with a strong focus on customer relationships. This shifted the focus from purely technical skills to customer-centric partnerships.
  3. Channel Sales Development: The consultancy encouraged Event Temple to think beyond traditional competitors and explore non-competing B2B technology providers. This broadened the potential partner pool, fostering more diverse collaborations.
  4. Partner Toolkit Management: Event Temple and the consultancy introduced a dynamic and adaptable toolkit framework. Partners could now customise their resources, ensuring that they were more relevant and useful in their specific markets.
  5. Partner Marketing Plans: Event Temple and the consultancy designed marketing plans that encouraged co-creation with partners. This collaborative approach led to more creative and effective marketing campaigns.

Results:The partnership between Event Temple and Bond delivered transformative results:

  • Cohesive Partner Management Team: The recruitment process changes led to a partner management team that not only understood the industry but also aligned with Event Temple's vision and mission.
  • Reseller Network Transformation: By prioritising customer-centric Reseller Partners, Event Temple cultivated a network focused on enhancing guest experiences and hotel operations.
  • Diverse Collaborations: Exploring non-competing B2B technology providers opened up new avenues for collaboration, allowing Event Temple to tap into untapped markets.
  • Customised Partner Resources: The dynamic toolkit framework empowered partners to tailor their resources, resulting in more effective sales and marketing efforts.
  • Innovative Marketing Campaigns: Co-created marketing plans with partners yielded fresh and innovative campaigns that resonated with target audiences.

Conclusion:Event Temple's strategic partnership with Bond not only addressed its initial challenges but also sparked transformative changes in how they approached partner management. By leveraging fresh perspectives, they cultivated a partner ecosystem aligned with their vision, expanded market reach, and fostered innovation in sales and marketing efforts. This case study showcases how a strategic partner management approach can drive growth and innovation in the CRM sector within the hospitality industry.