Fueling Cloudbeds' PMS Growth through Strategic Partner Expansion

Client Background:Founded in 2012, the US-based company Cloudbeds is a dynamic technology company that provides a versatile platform for the hospitality industry. Their innovative PMS streamline operations, boost reservations and revenue, and enhance guest experiences for a wide range of lodging businesses worldwide.

Challenge:Cloudbeds recognized the immense value of working closely with local partners, such as consultants, advisors, and revenue managers, to gain deeper insights into their clients' needs and provide additional services. These local partners played a vital role in increasing product adoption and enhancing the overall experience for hoteliers using Cloudbeds. To further support their ambitious growth plans, Cloudbeds sought to expand its Ambassador program by identifying suitable partners in various markets.

Solution:Cloudbeds partnered with Bond to embark on this mission of identifying and onboarding suitable partners for their Ambassador program. The solution involved a multi-faceted approach:

  1. Partner Profile Definition: Bond collaborated closely with Cloudbeds to define a clear and detailed profile of the partners they were seeking. This profile included specific criteria that potential partners needed to meet.
  2. Outreach and Engagement: Bond initiated outreach efforts across platforms such as LinkedIn, hospitality communities, and other online networks to identify potential partners who matched the defined profile.
  3. Qualification Interviews: After identifying interested candidates, Bond conducted in-depth interviews with each consultant to ensure that their expertise and expectations aligned with Cloudbeds' goals and values. This step aimed to confirm the suitability of the partnership.
  4. Introduction to Cloudbeds: Once a strong match was established, Bond facilitated the introduction of the consultant to the Cloudbeds Partner Manager responsible for the specific market in question. This seamless handover ensured a smooth transition into the Ambassador program.

Results:The collaboration between Cloudbeds and Bond produced impressive results:

  • 96 Qualified Consultants Introduced: Over the span of three months, Bond successfully introduced 96 qualified consultants to Cloudbeds across multiple geographic regions. These introductions significantly expanded Cloudbeds' partner network.

Conclusion:Cloudbeds' strategic partnership with Bond exemplifies the power of collaboration in expanding a partner ecosystem. By defining clear partner profiles, leveraging outreach and engagement strategies, conducting rigorous qualification interviews, and facilitating introductions, Cloudbeds successfully bolstered its Ambassador program. This case study demonstrates how strategic partner expansion can enhance product adoption and customer satisfaction in the dynamic hospitality technology sector.