Introductions to key industry players for leading hospitality Tech software in hospitality.
Type of work

The Story

Founded in 2012, Cloudbeds provides the platform that powers Hospitality, driving streamlined operations, increasing reservations and revenue, and enabling memorable guest experiences for lodging businesses of all sizes and types across the globe. 

To support their clients and understand their needs even better, Cloudbeds values working with local partners like consultants, advisors and revenue managers. Local partners offer valuable insights and provide additional services that increase product adoption and the overall experience of hoteliers moving to Cloudbeds. 

In order to support its ambitious growth plan, Cloudbed asked Bond to find suitable partners in several markets to join its Ambassador program. 

The Solution: 

Bond started by defining a clear profile of the type of partners Cloudbeds was looking for. Once the profile was agreed upon, Bond started the outreach on Linkedin, Hospitality communities and other online platforms. After the initial contact and interest, Bond conducted interviews with every consultant. In this interview, we made sure that the consultant really matched the profile and we aligned expectations of this partnership. Once it was clear that there was a good match, Bond introduced the consultant by email to the Cloudbeds Partner Manager responsible for that specific market.

The results

Over the course of 3 months, Bond introduced 96 qualified consultants to Cloudbeds in multiple geographies.