Transforming Chekin's Content Strategy for enhanced Brand visibility
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Client Background:Chekin is a Spanish based company specializing in automating the entire check-in process from booking confirmation to check-out. Their technology streamlines guest identification, legal compliance, and overall check-in experience for hosts, allowing them to save time, money, and ensure adherence to legal requirements.

Challenge:Chekin sought to strengthen its brand presence and communicate the value of its innovative solutions to a broader audience. They recognized the need to create compelling and informative content to engage their target audience effectively. The primary challenges included:

  1. Content Creation: Chekin needed a robust content strategy that encompassed articles and video interviews to showcase their technology and its benefits.

Solution:Chekin partnered with Bond to revamp its content strategy and enhance brand visibility. The solution involved a multifaceted approach:

1. Articles: Bond collaborated closely with Chekin to craft a series of informative articles that addressed key pain points and industry challenges related to guest check-in processes. These articles highlighted Chekin's technology as a solution and positioned the company as an industry thought leader. Topics ranged from "Streamlining Guest Registration" to "Ensuring Legal Compliance in Hospitality."

2. Video Interview Production: To provide a more personal and dynamic perspective, Bond produced video interviews featuring specialised hospitality Consultants. The videos were designed to engage the audience visually and emotionally, offering a deeper understanding of how a tool like Chekin has a transformative impact on the hospitality industry.

Results:The collaboration between Chekin and Bondgenerated significant results:

  • Enhanced Brand Visibility: Through thoughtfully crafted articles and engaging video interviews, Chekin's brand visibility increased significantly within the hospitality industry and among potential clients.
  • Educated Audience: The informative articles addressed common pain points in the industry and provided solutions, positioning Chekin as a knowledge leader in the field.
  • Humanized Approach: Video interviews added a personal touch to Chekin's brand, allowing potential clients to connect with the team and see real-world success stories.

Conclusion:Chekin's strategic partnership with Bond showcases the power of effective content creation in elevating brand visibility and industry leadership. By developing informative articles and engaging video interviews, Chekin successfully conveyed its technology's value proposition and positioned itself as a trusted partner in the hospitality sector. This case study illustrates how thoughtful content strategies can drive brand recognition and customer engagement.

Articles written:

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  • The best trends and initiatives for sustainable hotels (Link)
  • 6 perfect examples of Upselling for your tourist accommodation (Link)
  • 5 Common Mistakes by Hotels During Check-in and How to Avoid Them (Link)
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  • Smart Technology in Hospitality: NOT the End of Customer Interaction! (Link)
  • Top 3 Reasons Why 90% of Positive Reviews Stem from a Good Check-In (Link)
  • How automation is good for guest experience (Link)

Video Interviews:

Production of short interviews to drive engagement on social media and newsletter.

Usually 5 questions asked to a Hospitality Expert on an industry topic.