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Type of work

Chekin helps hosts to automate the entire check-in process from the booking confirmation till the check-out. Allowing them to save time, money and comply with the legal requirements by managing everything online.

With our technology, we automate the guest identification and legal obligations to provide a frictionless, flexible and more convenient check-in experience for the Hospitality industry.

Our features:
- Guests registration
- Identity verification
- Data sending to authorities
- Remote access
- Upselling
- Damage protection
- Online Payments  
- Tourist Taxes

Services included:

  • Articles
  • Video Interview Production

Articles written:

  • Upsell: Top 10 experiences through the booking journey (Link)
  • The best trends and initiatives for sustainable hotels (Link)
  • 6 perfect examples of Upselling for your tourist accommodation (Link)
  • 5 Common Mistakes by Hotels During Check-in and How to Avoid Them (Link)
  • Why hotels must offer online check-in by 202 (Link)
  • How Hotels are Earning Brand Loyalty from Today’s Frequent Travelers (Link)
  • What amenities should a good vacation rental have? (Link)
  • 12 Super Simple Ways to Improve the Guest Experience (Link)
  • Automation is Changing Our Workplaces – and nope, it’s NOT a Robot Takeover! (Link)
  • Delivering the Ultimate Hotel Experience: How to Please Your Guests Upon Arrival (Link)
  • Top 4 Tips for Nailing the Best Email Confirmation Template (Link)
  • Smart Technology in Hospitality: NOT the End of Customer Interaction! (Link)
  • Top 3 Reasons Why 90% of Positive Reviews Stem from a Good Check-In (Link)
  • How automation is good for guest experience (Link)

Video Interviews:

Production of short interviews to drive engagement on social media and newsletter.

Usually 5 questions asked to a Hospitality Expert on an industry topic.