Briq Bookings
Briq Bookings

Partner Management for a multi-activity booking system tech startup.
Type of work

Briq Bookings

Project date: July 2021 - August 2022

The Story

Briq is a multi-activity booking system and scheduler for the leisure industry. They help 250+ operators worldwide to receive more online bookings, and increase the average amount of activities per booking. 

Briq decided to double down on integrations with operational tools like 

Point of Sale (POS) solutions, Venue Management Systems (VMS) and Scoring Software, in order to remove sales barriers for their sales team, as well as to reduce manual tasks for their clients.

The Solution

Bond first defined a standardized Partner Journey, to enable Briq to work on multiple integrations at the same time. 

After implementation of the journey, Bond started prospecting to fill the pipe with potential partners. This has been a continuous process over the months, adding more potential partners over time, but also refining the qualifying process of partners to increase the efficiency. Interested partners all followed the new Partner Journey. 

For every integration that was tested and certified by both parties, we initiated co-marketing campaigns on Social Media and email campaigns. 

The Results

Within 12 months:

  • Bond implemented a standardized integration partner journey;
  • Bond reached out to more than 100 potential partners;
  • Briq Signed NDAs with large, international players like Groupon, InterCard & Gartner;
  • Briq launched 7 integrations with partners who increased the amount of clients and the brand awareness, like Lightspeed, SmartWaiver & Clubspeed;
  • Created a healthy pipeline with loads of potential partners for the coming months.