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Standardise Integration Partner Journey with Briq Bookings

Briq Bookings

Project date: July 2021 - August 2022

Client Background:Briq Bookings is a global leader in multi-activity booking systems and scheduling solutions for the leisure industry. Their innovative platform empowers over 250 operators worldwide to increase online bookings and enhance the average number of activities per booking.

Challenge:Briq Bookings recognized the significant potential of strategic integrations with operational tools such as Point of Sale (POS) solutions, Venue Management Systems (VMS), and Scoring Software. Their goal was to remove sales barriers for their team and streamline tasks for clients. The primary challenges included:

  1. Standardized Partner Journey: Establishing a structured and standardized partner journey to efficiently work on multiple integrations simultaneously.
  2. Prospecting for Partners: Identifying and engaging potential partners for integrations while refining the partner qualification process for increased efficiency.
  3. Co-Marketing Campaigns: Initiating co-marketing campaigns on social media and via email for certified integrations to boost brand awareness.

Solution:Briq Bookings partnered with Bond to develop and execute a comprehensive strategy for integration partnerships. The solution included several critical components:

  1. Standardized Partner Journey: Bond defined and implemented a standardized partner journey that allowed Briq Bookings to work on multiple integrations concurrently. This streamlined the process and increased efficiency.
  2. Prospecting and Partner Qualification: Bond conducted proactive prospecting efforts to identify potential integration partners. Over time, the qualification process was refined to ensure partners were aligned with Briq Booking's objectives.
  3. Co-Marketing Campaigns: Once integrations were tested and certified by both parties, Bond initiated co-marketing campaigns on social media and through email. These campaigns aimed to boost brand awareness and generate interest in the integrated solutions.

Results:The partnership between Briq Bookings and Bond yielded impressive results and achievements within a 12-month period:

  • Standardised Integration Partner Journey: Bond successfully implemented a standardised partner journey that allowed Briq Bookings to efficiently pursue multiple integrations simultaneously.
  • Prospecting Success: Bond reached out to over 100 potential partners, ensuring a continuous influx of prospects. The partner qualification process was refined over time to enhance efficiency.
  • Strategic Partnerships: Briq Bookings signed Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) with prominent international players, including Groupon, InterCard, and Gartner, laying the foundation for substantial collaborations.
  • Integration Launches: Seven integrations were successfully launched with partners such as Lightspeed, SmartWaiver, and Clubspeed. These integrations increased the number of clients and bolstered brand awareness.
  • Healthy Partner Pipeline: A robust pipeline of potential partners was created, ensuring a steady flow of partnership opportunities in the months to come.

Conclusion:Briq Bookings' strategic partnership with Bond demonstrates the transformative power of integration partnerships in the leisure industry. By establishing a standardized partner journey, conducting proactive prospecting, and initiating co-marketing campaigns, Briq Bookings successfully expanded its partner ecosystem, fostering collaborations that increased brand awareness and client base. This case study showcases the potential for strategic partnerships to drive growth and innovation in the leisure technology sector.