Project date: December 2021 - April 2022

The Story

Founded in 2012, Cloudbeds provides the platform that powers Hospitality, driving streamlined operations, increasing reservations and revenue, and enabling memorable guest experiences for lodging businesses of all sizes and types across the globe. 

To support their clients and understand their needs even better, Cloudbeds values working with local partners like consultants, advisors and revenue managers. Local partners offer valuable insights and provide additional services that increase product adoption and the overall experience of hoteliers moving to Cloudbeds. 

In order to support its ambitious growth plan, Cloudbed asked Bond to find suitable partners in several markets to join its Ambassador program. 

The Solution: 

Bond started by defining a clear profile of the type of partners Cloudbeds was looking for. Once the profile was agreed upon, Bond started the outreach on Linkedin, Hospitality communities and other online platforms. After the initial contact and interest, Bond conducted interviews with every consultant. In this interview, we made sure that the consultant really matched the profile and we aligned expectations of this partnership. Once it was clear that there was a good match, Bond introduced the consultant by email to the Cloudbeds Partner Manager responsible for that specific market.

The results

Over the course of 3 months, Bond introduced 96 qualified consultants to Cloudbeds in multiple geographies. 

Briq Bookings

Project date: July 2021 - August 2022

The Story

Briq is a multi-activity booking system and scheduler for the leisure industry. They help 250+ operators worldwide to receive more online bookings, and increase the average amount of activities per booking. 

Briq decided to double down on integrations with operational tools like 

Point of Sale (POS) solutions, Venue Management Systems (VMS) and Scoring Software, in order to remove sales barriers for their sales team, as well as to reduce manual tasks for their clients.

The Solution: 

Bond first defined a standardized Partner Journey, to enable Briq to work on multiple integrations at the same time. 

After implementation of the journey, Bond started prospecting to fill the pipe with potential partners. This has been a continuous process over the months, adding more potential partners over time, but also refining the qualifying process of partners to increase the efficiency. Interested partners all followed the new Partner Journey. 

For every integration that was tested and certified by both parties, we initiated co-marketing campaigns on Social Media and email campaigns. 

The Results: 

Within 12 months:

  • Bond implemented a standardized integration partner journey;
  • Bond reached out to more than 100 potential partners;
  • Briq Signed NDAs with large, international players like Groupon, InterCard & Gartner;
  • Briq launched 7 integrations with partners who increased the amount of clients and the brand awareness, like Lightspeed, SmartWaiver & Clubspeed;
  • Created a healthy pipeline with loads of potential partners for the coming months.


Project date: May 2022 - July 2022

The Story

Porter websites are templates designed to create inviting presentations for hotels, leaving a memorable impression for the visitor and driving higher conversion on bookings. The company Porter is the latest product launched by BeCurious. A Digital Marketing Agency specialized in building tailor made websites for 20 years for high scale hotels and hotel chains in the Netherlands. 

To help more hotels in becoming less dependent on external parties, Porter was looking for partner companies who have the mutual objective to generate commission free reservations for their hotel clients.

The Solution

Bond developed a new referral partner program for Porter. We set up the most efficient partner journey and sales funnel to manage the inbound leads coming from Porter’s partners. We streamlined how partners sign up, how Porter enables them in sales and how Porter should report on their performance. This service included the creation and implementation of all the necessary flows, documents and content resources, using Porter’s current tech stack, to reduce manual and repetitive tasks to the bare minimum.

After the implementation of the program, bond delivered 8 introductions to Consultants in targeted markets who would be interested to have a demo of the product and recommend it to their clients. 



Project date: March 2021 - June 2021

The Story

SIHOT is a software company that has developed the following software solutions for hotels: 

  • Property Management System (PMS)
  • Point of Sale (POS)
  • Booking Engine (WEB)
  • Event Management Software (C&B)

SIHOT has been on the market for over 20 years and has clients globally, with the main markets being Spain, DACH and UK. Over the years, there has been an organic growth of clients and partners. Due to the need for integrations, SIHOT has picked up a lot of technical partnerships along the way. 

However, until now, there has not been a standardized way of dealing with these partners or to try to gain more commercial value out of them. Besides technical partners, there are commercial partners, but most of these are managed on a personal level and are local. 

In order to improve brand awareness and lead generation of the company, SIHOT is now looking into the possibility of structuring the Partnerships and making them an integral part of the overall marketing strategy, so that SIHOT can get more out of these partnerships in terms of growth. 

The Solution

Bond refreshed SIHOT’s Integration Partnership Strategy to introduce a more optimized Partnership Program for third party partners. 

Bond launched a full integration program designed for deeper 3rd party integrations and a new connectivity program for self-sufficient apps using the new SIHOT @360 API documentation gaining complimentary access to SIHOT's test environment.

Bond also advised SIHOT to build a Directory of tech partners. SIHOT integration Finder can be found online ( and is a new resource base to enable customers to source partners for hotels to evolve their tech stack.